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10 Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life

There’s no excuse not to spice up your sex life, besides that maybe you just don’t know how. In every relationship there comes a time where your intimacy can get a little dull. This doesn’t mean that there isn’t love still there. You both might just need to be more open minded and involve some …


20 Things All Women Want In Bed

Most women have secret fetishes they get off on but won’t express that to their partners. Men, we get it. We know that you can’t read her mind. So, here are few things that she discretely wants from you to keep her feeling requited in the bedroom. 1. Get kinky Most women enjoy kinky sex …


Why Do Females Fake Moan During Sex?

The harsh reality in the sex world is that a good portion of woman fake moan during sex, especially with their partner. Believe it or not, there is obviously a reason behind it, and is not doing it to be jerks or bitches. Boyfriend Is Lacking Think about honestly, if you are having sex with …